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      FX-1A Full-automatic Linear single-head capping machine

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      Product Description

      This machine is protective automatic capping machine and control by PLC program .Bottles will be fixed by two cylinders and it can automatically arrange lid , taking lid and sending lid,it will first grasp lid then capping under control of double-acting cylinder lifting stroke. The machine grasp lids through pneumatic type, lid-revolving head has a clutch to ensure the tightened lid not to damage. It suits for capping of 5-25kg drum plastic large diameter caps.


      main technical parameter

      1. Capacity ≤1500(b/h)
      2.applicable bottle diameter ≤210(L)×130(W)mm
      3.applicable bottle height ≤320mm
      4.cap diameter ≤70mm
      5.air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
      6.voltage AC380V,50/60Hz
      7.total power 2Kw
      8.net weight 550kg
      9.dimension 2000(L)×1030(W)×2100(H)mm


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